Saturday, December 13, 2008

My little Santa's

Someone asked about the Santa's in my earlier treat blog. I made this little guy a few years back. His body is wood . I drilled holes for the arms and legs. (tiny holes) so that he will have movable parts.
I sanded the wood smooth. Painted the face a light peach with rosy cheeks and to tiny black eyes. Arms and legs are painted black and then the edges are sanded to age him. I use tiny wire to connect his body parts together. Then I create a costume ( I have several in different costumes). The one pictured is a long gown with a batting trim. His cap is dyed red and has white trim, with felt holly. His hair and beard are quilted batting. I attached his hat with a button to the gown. They take some time to make but are a fun project. Enjoy! I hope this was helpful. Here is a quick sketch of body parts. The dots are where you drill tiny holes. Body is 4 1/2". Arms are 3 1/2". Legs are 6". From the tip of the cap to the tows 11" overall.


Anonymous said...

How cute! Love your Santa!

Sharon said...

Thanks, they seem to take on their own little attitudes when you are making them.LOL