Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The snow

Saturday I drove into Seattle to Christmas shop with my son. Every year we have a special day during the holidays for fun and shopping. We started out at a wonderful vegetarian Thai restaurant, named Arayas. They were having a buffet luncheon. I couldn't believe the food, it was so delicious. Of course I meant to take photos but forgot. The place reminded me of a restaurant in Hong Kong that I had gone to. Anyway we shopped at our favorite places, had coffee and just enjoyed ourselves. About 6PM the call came that I should think about heading home as it was snowing hard and the temp. was going down. So I left Seattle heading toward the mountains and sure enough I was driving in a blizzard. Having grown up in Mn. I was enjoying every minute. The next morning I woke to sunshine, temp. in the teens, and snow on the mountains. So I have stayed home to decorate , wrap gifts, etc, etc,etc........ I must now bundle up and head for the post office. More interesting things when I get back. Brrrrrrrrr and I am off!


Anonymous said...

Interesting how the day starts out one way and ends another. Kind of amazes me every time the weather changes so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you went out and bought a corner punch! Aren't they FUN! What a pretty way to use up scraps that would just get thrown away! I only have 1 and have been on the lookout for another one with pretty corners - waiting for that Michael's 50% off coupon! ;-)
We love the area where you live! We visited several years ago and you are, indeed, in lavender growing country! I enjoyed seeing the snowy mountain pictures. We have hills here too but nothing like the Cascades!
Happy Christmas! Come back and visit with me again!

Sharon said...

Thanks Diane, I did see at Michaels they had a punch with three different punches all in one! I am snowed in today. We have tryed in vein to get out but to much snow. It is beautiful though. Happy Christmas and stay warm.