Monday, December 22, 2008

The Snow

We survived round one and two of the storms. Had 2 power outages, both in the middle of the night. I must applaud the power company as they were short outages just a few hours, instead of days. I am not done shopping but can't get to the main roads yet. They say more snow on the way.Thought you might enjoy these photos. This is looking down to the creek. Where is the creek?

Oh here it is, looking so tiny with all the snow enveloping it. The driveway is another story... almost impossible to find.

But Teddy was a trooper in his little red sweater... although his short little legs became a snow magnet ( much defrosting when we returned from the woods)

I look like a giant green frog as I was wearing several layers to stay warm! It is so quiet and peaceful , the way the holidays should be. Being thankful for all the beauty nature gives us.

This is the pond all frozen over. There is an island in the middle and a log to walk across to get there. But Teddy is starting to look like a snowball so time to head up the hill to the house.
Tomorrow they say more snow, so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, just in case !!!!


Elizabeth said...

Sharon !! Your snow pictures are so beautiful!! We feel like the only ones who are not getting snow and daughter is NOT pleased. THank you for sharing all of this amazing beauty and the quiet with us!! Merry Merry Christams and a wonderful and Inspired New year!!

CrazyKwilter said...

Your snow looks so lovely. The last photo would make a great Christmas card!

Sharon said...

Elizabeth I hope you get a wee bit of snow. I remember the year I got new skis for Christmas and NO snow. That was not a good thing. I'll see if Santa can send some your way. LOL

Sharon said...

Crazy Kwilter, You guessed right. The picture is going to be my card this year. I usually make my cards and being snowbound the picture will be it.Thanks for visiting.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Sharon, what a beautiful winter wonderland! I pray you are staying cozy and warm ~ thank you so very much for the birthday wishes sweetie! Wishing you a very happy and blessed Christmas and a most wonderful new year to come...hugs to you, stay warm...xxoo, Dawn