Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another little adventure

We decided to go back to Rattlesnake Lake today. It is just below the Rain drums (our trip the other day). I was so surprised to see the lake this high. All the beaches are gone. The water is right up the lawn.
The boat ramp is under water!

But the geese are happy as can be. We were alone up there. The only sounds were the wind ,the water lapping the shore, and an occasional honking from the geese. So peaceful.

The trees in the water are actually on the beach.

We headed down the trail to see the little waterfall.
Today it's a torrent and twice its normal size. Teddy wasn't thrilled as this is where he usually gets a drink of water. Not today, no way.

So we headed back. I was surprised at how sunny it was up here as we are in fog down the road at our house.Now you've seen the pictures of this peaceful lake. Not so in the past. This lake covers the small town that was called Moncton. The lake was originally called Rainy Day Lake.

The town of Moncton was home to railroad workers,loggers, Seattle Light and Water employees and their families. There was a barber shop, pool hall and saloon. This was 1912.
But in 1915 the gravel banks of the reservoir above them would not hold water. Creeks caused by the seepage sprang up everywhere. As the water seeped through the hill it poured into the valley where the town was located.

Today in the summer if we don't have enough rain the lake goes dry and you can walk into what was once Moncton. There are some pieces of foundation still there. It really is a ghost town under water. I shall try to get pics if it goes down this summer. That's your history lesson for today kids. Back to sewing.........


Laurie said...

Thanks for the lesson Sharon, your pictures are beautiful and the mountain is gorgeous! Hope you share more pictures soon.

purplepaint said...

Your photos are gorgeous! It's so lush and green there!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

The history of the ghost town Moncton is sort of sad but absolutely amazing. I hope you're able to get photos of the area in summer. Your photos really tell the whole story very well. Thanks for sharing this!

Shellmo said...

So many beautiful photos - love hearing the history and your music on your blog goes perfect!!

Lynn said...

Amazing story, and a very pretty place to visit :)

beth said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for the beautiful pictures,and the history lesson. Back in the day, when I was 19 I lived in Washington, on an Indian reservation. It was so beautiful there. Thanks.


Beth L said...

would you believe I've never been to hear the Rain Drums or to Moncton when the lake is low...2 things that should be on my day-off list - or make that, my sunny-day-off list! Thanks for sharing...we sure do live in a beautiful state! And I'm glad Teddy had fun too!