Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look what just arrived in the mail

I was so lucky to win this precious little heart on a sweet little fork easel, during the OWOH event. Look at the charming package it arrived in on Valentines day no less. She must have hired angels to fly it right over. It came from Laurie at
Each pc. was wrapped in tissue with a sweet pink bow. Now the wonderful thing about all this is the fork. It is the same flatware my mother once had. A lot of wonderful memories came flooding back. So thank you Laurie I just love it. I love the glitter pin sticking in the felted heart, all so precious.


Ginaagain said...

Very cute! I haven't mailed mine out yet. They will go on Tuesday. I'm amazed by the people who won multiple times. I was shocked and thrilled to win one.

Anonymous said...

That's adorable. I've not seen anything like it before. Lucky you!

Shellmo said...

A very cute and precious gift!!

beth said...

Hi Sharon, that spoon/heart is very cute. And the same as your moms cutlery. I'd say God had a plan.
Can you tell me how to sign up for OWOH, I couldn't get the badge thing to work from the creators blog.
Hope you and Teddy are well.
Beth@ barnowlstudio

Charmingdesigns said...

I am sooo glad that you like it. How neat that it is the same pattern. Laurie

The White Bench said...

This is so precios!
And thank you for your sweet encouragement! It meant to me.

Pat Winter said...

Don't you love her creations? My little nest easel is in my hall to greet me each morning. It is among my treasured favorites.
Angell says HI TEDDY, I like Jack Johnson also!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! You have one of Laurie's fuzzies!
Definitely charming! I bought one of her tiny silver plates with a bird's nest painted on it. I love it. Her work is so precious.

Happy crafting, Sharon!