Monday, February 9, 2009

To My Dear Friends in Australia

To my dear friends in Australia. I want you all to know you are in my thoughts and my heart goes out to you all. I shall keep you in my prayers. Please be safe.


Elizabeth said...

I think taht it really helps oru OZ buddies to know that we are thinking of them and sending our prayers!!
Drop by my blog soon!! I am having a give away for my 250th post!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sharon, I so agree with you. These abnormal weather conditions that cause this, and then deliberately set fires...horrible.


Phyllis said...

Yes, I posted a comment on May Blossom's site this morning acknowledging her sad post (I have her on my sidebar). Some people are demented beyond comprehension to intentionally cause so much pain and suffering to people and animals.

beth said...

Hi Sharon, I sent you a post yesterday, but guess it didn't post.
I've been watching the news on the fires in Australia. My prayers are with all the people there. I hope your friends are doing ok.