Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look Who Invaded My Garden

This beautiful zinnia traveled as a 
seed all the way from Italy. My
dear friend Monica sent the seeds
to me this Spring. We have had unusual 
weather, rainy and cold until lately. But 
these beauties prevailed until....
Yes the herd came through...
But "FEARLESS" (that would be me) chased 
them out yelling as I went, "these are special
flowers all the way from Italy and my dear 
friend Monica. Leave my garden now!"
My DH said he was sure they understood what
I was saying.LOL One went whipping
past me at a real fast clip
that accounts for the blur....
I was able to save all but one flower.
These big guys are so quiet that you hardly
hear them coming. They had their babies with them.
 Probably on a 'training mission'
So I picked some veggies and hung out for awhile
to see if they came back. They didn't.
I think they are re-grouping for the next attack......


ginger@bearbits said...

Such excitement! Glad you were able to save a flower. I think photos of you chasing them would even be more entertaining!


Pat Winter said...

Love the bright zinnia and the veggies look so beautiful and fresh.. the visitors...well they are handsome however I say...shoo and don't come back!

Pat Winter said...

Hi Teddy..Angell here. I wanted to take a quick moment to say hi and thank you for emailing me when your mom wasn't looking. It has been nice to have an online pal. I'm afraid I'm getting up in years and might not be able to take this opportunity to thank you later because I'm not seeing so well these days and my hips kind of hurt and I can't sit comfortably for very long. I hope I'm around for a few years more but if not, I'm enjoying the days I have and hope you and your other online pals do too.
Hugs and grins from IN,

Laurie said...

The flowers are beautiful, I can see why your visitors aren't very welcome Sharon, but they sure are pretty creatures!

Pearl said...

Well that sucks, but when you grow the best garden around "they will come" sorry I just had to say that. Wow your garden picked is beautiful and the zinna love it! Get scare crows that look like you and plant them out there :)

Pondside said...

I'm pretty sure that they're all on deer-mail, letting all their friends know about the special deli treat in your garden!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said... you can add "Nature Photographer" to your list of accomplishments!

Elizabeth said...

Boy when the elk come to visit they aren't kidding!!!! They know where the best groceries are!!! I love getting pass along plants and they really are the most precious even if they are simple!!!!
We are recovering from a very ( years since last one) surprising little Earthquake- reminded me of my life in Santa Barbara as a teen- but most around here were really shook!!!
Now it appears that we have a hurricane coming at us and we are supposed to move son Matt into his college dorm on Sat- just the height of the storm!!! Excitement abounds!!! I have been asked to teach at Portland Art and Soul in Oct 2012!! we will see111 If it works out I will be in your general neighborhood with a trip to Seattle built in !!! I will keep you up to date!!
Big Hugs!!!

Deborah said...

Glad you saved the zinnia. What a gorgeous photo of the vegetables.

Marilyn Rock said...

That's quite a shot of your visitors! Amazing!

Merry said...

Oh what a wonderful collection of vegies you have picked. How sad to lose all those flowers....I hope the deer have decided to visit somewhere else for you.

Judy S. said...

Now I know why we never see elk at Elk Meadows; they're all in your backyard! Wouldn't you know that RR days would be right after our GK left? Where is the Bad Dog? Sounds like a great spot.

Terri Kahrs said...

Ohhhh, NO! The dreaded "herd"!!! We have whitetail deer that eat everything in sight. I'm so happy that you saved your precious flowers. Someone told me to try sprinkling cayenne pepper around my tulips to keep the deer away in the spring. My deer must've thought they were Mexican dinner treats and ate everyone of my precious tulips!!!

Thanks so much for all of your visits and encouragement, Sharon, and good luck in my drawing!!! I know that if your name is chosen, your mouse will be very happy!!! Hugs, TErri xoxo

baukje said...

How wonderful to see them in your garden.... But glad that you saved the zinnia. I love zinnia's, there gorgeous colors.