Sunday, August 21, 2011

Plein Air Event & Railroad Days Part 1

The weather was terrific in the 80's but 
with a breeze. Friday eve we went to just 
see what was happening and have dinner
at Black Dog. 
The food was so good and the chef that night
did the most wonderful bar-b-Que food.  We 
love this place and go there often for their 
great food.
Saturday I went back early morning camera
in hand to try to get some photos for you of all
the artists and train events. 
Now mind you it was very hot and there were loads
 of people, so I did the best I could on the pictures.
 Some were taken trying to avoid the glare and the people.
So without further ado....
Melissa Von Tschudi
Becky Orcutt 
Danny Raphael 
 Molly Cady
Marilyn Romatka 
Sue Yotz 
Sandra P Robinson 
You never know who you will run into
at these events....! Part 2 tomorrow. 
As you can see there were so many 
wonderful artists. There was something for everyone.


Anonymous said...

that looks like a great weekend, we have something like that today too, Art In The Park,, those are some very talented artists I love the sculpture of the fellow with the camera,, abd the little girl with the lamb,, all of them are beauiful,, thanks for sharing this with blog land.

Pearl said...

I really like the doll makers beause of Sue Barton, this one is so cute. The artist with the little girl and lamb melted my heart. Can't wait for part 2! Thanks my friend, Pearl

Laurie said...

Sharon these artists are amazing! I can't say which I liked best. I look forward to tomorrow!

Tina Eudora said...

Sharon I have to say I felt a tug at my heart seeing the lady that weaves. I had a little weaving loom as a child and spent many happy hours making small cloths.
I also love to go to events where there are other artists to admire and learn something of their techniques, so much fun for so little investment of money or time....bliss!
Tina xo

ginger@bearbits said...

If that was just a sample, it must have had a wonderful selection of artists work to peruse. Thanks for showing the incredible work. Did Teddy get to go?


Merry said...

Oh wow...what amazing artists in your area. Thanks so much for sharing all those photos.