Thursday, August 18, 2011

Railroad Days Starts Tomorrow

Railroad Days will start tomorrow over in 
Snoqualmie Wa. As you can see the skies
are blue and the sun is shining.

They are dressing up the old train station , 
there will be train rides on the vintage cars, food
booths, vendors, main stage events and 
the third annual Plein Air Paint Out. 
I am excited to see all the visiting artist in action.

It was so nice and warm that I dropped down to 
Sandy Cove Park to see the river.
Then up to Snoqualmie Falls where they are
doing lots of work around the Falls.

Very refreshing mist on this warm day.
So if your anywhere near Snoqualmie WA,
drop by Aug.19th thru 21st.
I think it should be a fun event!


ginger@bearbits said...

Looks like a fun event in beautiful surroundings. Have fun. Take photos! I'd love to be able to go too.


Anonymous said...

my gosh what a beautiful place just amazing those falls are beautiful,, wish I lived closer,, thank you for sharing this

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

If I were there..I'd be there! know what I mean..The falls are amazing!

Laurie said...

I wish I were there! My father worked as a carman on the railroad, and he'd take us on the engine for a short ride down the tracks and back. I've had a fascination with trains ever since. There's something about the train whistle that stirs so many memories. Enjoy your week-end Sharon!

Martha Lever said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are gorgeous. Those falls are so beautiful. Sounds like that will be a fun event. Take pictures so we can see them. So glad you are enjoying painting poppies!!!♥

Pearl said...

It looks wonderful Sharon and the the falls are beautiful! You know all the times I've been through the pass I have never seen this? Wish I had time to go, hubby is having surgery and so is my daughter-in-law so I have to do her job for quite awhile. But have a great time!!

Createology said...

I would so enjoy this event and be part of the fun. However, it is a bit too far for me this weekend. Please enjoy for me and share lots of photos...

Marilyn Rock said...

How fun! My hubby and I would love this! Beautiful photos!

Merry said...

Oh what a beautiful area you live in....those falls are stunning.