Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tulips of the Skagit Valley

I found this on U-Tube and thought you would enjoy
seeing the wonderful show we get to see every year
 from up in the Skagit Valley. I hope to make it up there
 before they are  all gone.

You will have to turn off my music so you can hear theirs!
Back to my garden for more weeding. :-(


Snap said...

I'm going to get there one year!!!

Sandi said...

Oh I don't know why I don't get over to visit you more often! I am always charmed by your work and adore seeing you share the beauty in my (ok our) corner of the world! We have some tulip and daffodil fields in Victoria but they don't compare to these!

Merry said...

Oh lucky are you to have such stunning colour nearby. Thanks for sharing.