Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From Fruit to Thistles, Days 7,8,and 9 of 30 in 30 days.

Day 7  and I re framed from snacking on them!
Day 8 and can't get photo shop to print the 
actual colors right. Oh well...
Day 9 Thistles,leaf and rock.
I brought a bunch of thistles home from Eastern
Washington years ago for a dried flower arrangement.
 Somehow a few got away from me where I was working 
and we have had a thistle or two grow there ever since.

I must say this is a real challenge of 30 paintings in 
30 days. Sometimes my brain just can't come up with something.
But I preserver, ever onward....
I think my word for the year will be
So I shall have to pick very carefully what I choose to 
pursue.  But then COMPLETE has many 
interpretations.  Does it not.......


Vee said...

It does not appear to an outsider that you are having any trouble. Everything looks great and thr different subjects interesting. Do you have a favorite ye t?

Barbra Joan said...

Sharon you are doing great!
Keep it going .. I realize now I should have joined this challenge, I'm finding that artists who paint every day ,, even just a little sketch with paint.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sharon - these are looking good. I think you are doing a wonderful job coming up with new subjects. Thanks for taking the time to share them.

Createology said...

Interesting how your 30 day challenge is truly a challenge. Nice to see you have your word for the year. Out of challenge came complete. Your drawings are wonderful. You do make it seem easy and that is quite the accomplishment dear. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Monica said...

You're doing a great job, dear Sharon. Keep painting!
Love to you xoxo

Merry said...

This is such a fantastic challenge for us to view Sharon. What terrific artwork. I think my favourite is the Thistle, leaf and rock.

Martha Lever said...

Hi SHaron, Your paintings are great! Yes, it is a challenge to paint one everyday but so far so good. I have a couple that I posted that I really didn't like at all but that's the best I could do for that day. Keep it up!