Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Can't Believe The Start To Summer I've Had......

I try very hard not to write about things that
are not good things, but when you are dealt
lemons one can only make so much lemonade.
First Teddy and the elk, which I must add 
turned out OK in the end. Then a
semi truck hitting me. I am OK but must add
have never filled out so many forms in my life.
Now I have a severe case of bronchitis and 
have been out of commission for 8 days
 and it's ninety degrees outside. No time 
to be down and out.
BUT.......(drum roll please) my dear friend 
Marcy sent this to me and I have been
laughing ever since. Thank you Marcy
you have eased my pain!
So I am sharing this utube with you all 
for a little laugh in your day.

Thanks for all the emails and I hope to be up
and running soon. Forgive my not getting back to all
of you. This is the first day I have really felt like 
looking at a computer.


Judy S. said...

Gosh, Sharon, you have had a run of icky stuff. Sure hope that's the last of it. Feel better soon. All this sunshine must be helping a little?

baukje said...

Although I did not understand everything I also laughed a lot seeing this video... Bungy jump OMG....
Take care and enjoy sitting in the sun.

It's me said...

Enjoy summer Ria...x !

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

In case you were wondering - that is NOT the way to start summer, just in case you didn't know that.

I'm glad that the truck hitting you was not more serious - just that thought of it makes me shiver.

I've been down with a summer cold - not as bad as bronchitis - but bad enough, especially on these warmer days. We are expecting 81 today and then back down to the mid to high 70s - nice weather to sit and bake the cold out of me. Hope you are feeling a lot better soon.

The video was hilarious - I love how she looks at life.

I miss seeing your paintings.

Diana said...

that is so funny video. I'm so sorry you've had so much trouble. Hope you are feeling better and so thankful you are still alive after the accident and Teddy too. love and hugs, Diana

Createology said...

Oh thank you Sharon for that link that truly is a very good laugh. This really has been quite a time for you and Teddy. As my Zumba teacher said when I told her I can't come to class...again, "Sweet Heaven, what is going on with you two (husband and I)? This has been quite a time for less than fun happenings. May you feel better each day with Healing Hugs Dear...

Pearl said...

U have been dealt quite a hand this summer. I hope you get better real soon. The video made me laugh to, thanks Pearl

Vee said...

I'm glad that you are feeling a little better every day. I love Jeanne. Have you ever listened to the one about why you should not send your husband to grocery shop for you? Hysterical and so true around here.

Jane said...

Dear Sharon. Like they say here, a bad thing never comes alone , but I think it should be done with you now , it can only go the right way ! Wish you a quick recovery , all the best!