Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where Have I Been.......

 Well I've been taking photos of my garden and
thought you might like to see some. These Petunias are
called  Hurrah (vein mix)
 Hanging basket with Callie Orange Calibrachoa
 Fox Glove
Wild Geranium
Petunia and trailing Lobelia
 Bearded Iris

 Wild Strawberry complete with BEE!
A section of our backyard. I think it's time for the machete. 
Lastly my best friend has healed up nicely but stays close 
to me when I am in the yard.
I have not blogged as of late because I was hit in the back
end by a semi truck. So now Teddy is taking care of me. 
I should clarify that it was my car not me that got re-ended. LOL
So have not done much since as I am on medication and DR.s orders.
But "I'll be Back soon."


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wow - your photos are great- I have those same petunias with the white edges - this is the first year I've seen them. Mine have white lobelia with them.

That is so scary about getting hit by a semi truck - I do hope you are going to be completely fine. I've missed you. How is your car?

Laurie said...

Your photos are so beautiful Sharon. I'm glad for Teddy; his close call and now you. Take care of yourself, sorry that happened.

Createology said...

Sharon Dear I am so sorry you have been down from being "rear-ended". I hope the car got the worst of it. Beautiful flowers and plants. I am so pleased that Teddy is healing and able to comfort you as you heal. Healing Hugs my friends...

Vee said...

Oh no! You poor thing. Hope that the picture-taking is indicative of feeling a lot better. Take it easy now...looks as if you have the sweetest little companion.

Momma Bear said...

what a lovely serene place to recuperate!
good to see Teddy is better from his brave joust with the elk. he must be bigger on the inside...

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your beautiful flowers! Glad Teddy is healed up, but sorry about your accident. Did you get whiplash? I was rear-ended by an oil tanker truck a couple of years ago. The light turned yellow and I chose to stop (unusual for GA) but he didn't! Luckily I was not paying attention to him so was relaxed and did not get hurt at all. It totally my car though. I just "floated" through the intersection and was also lucky that no one coming through the other direction didn't hit me. I had a guardian angel on my shoulder that day. I always-always-always check my rear view mirror before stopping at a traffic light because these insane Georgians are still going through on red. I get a lot of dirty looks, but in Illinois and drivers' ed, yellow meant slow down to stop??? There were three cars of girls going from a convention to lunch and I was watching the car ahead of me because I wasn't sure where we were going so did not check behind me this one time. The other friends said the truck slammed his brakes on and smoke covered the truck but he never honked.

So we were both lucky it wasn't worse. What did you hurt and how bad is the car? Loves from The Queen

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Sharon - so glad you are okay...and glad too to hear Teddy is doing fine...sounds like the two of you need to take it easy. Your flowers are so beautiful...lots of paintings waiting to happen I am sure.

Pearl said...

I'm so glad Teddy made it through his ordeal, he looks happy. My gosh woman I can't imagine being in a car accident. Hope your feeling better soon, good advice to take some time off. Take care kid! Hugs, Pearl

Judy S. said...

Sure hope you and Teddy are on the mend! I loved your flower photos, Sharon. Stay cool; it's supposed to be a scorcher by PNW standards anyway.

Sharon said...

Thanks Sharon. This challenge is hard huh? It bugs me that I can't erease and do a do over. But I am learning this way.
Your photo's are great. Looks like great drawing material to me!
And you little dog is so cute.
Looking forward to your drawings!!
Sharon from Idaho