Monday, July 8, 2013

Took on a little challenge

 Brenda Swenson offered up a challenge of 
doing 75 sketches in ink only (no pencil) in
75 days. Mmmmmm harder than I thought.
No way to erase makes it much more of a challenge.
Here are my first attempts.

This has been not a piece of cake but I 
shall keep trying. I shall eventually add a little watercolor
to them. Anything will help...  :-)
We are having beautiful weather and I am loving it.
Check out her fantastic blog.


Createology said...

Your sketches are lovely in ink. I too love Ina Garten and her Barefoot Contessa shows. You really committed to a 75 days of drawing?!! Good on you dear...

Snap said...

You go girl!!! Enjoy the weather and hugs to Teddy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, those are great. But wow one a day for 75 days? I hope you do one of Teddy???
Loves from The Queen

Laurie said...

It does sound challenging Sharon, but I think you've pretty well mastered it, your drawings are amazing! I love the iris!!