Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where have I been....

Well I've been right here digging weeds and restructuring my gardens.
( Pictures soon). Plus watching the devastating wildfire here in 
Washington. I was over in Eastern Wa last week to see my friends
new home in a beautiful area.. So far they are safe. But it was very very
 hot. I used  to ski  and stay in Leavenworth a Bavarian  village just over
the pass and they have had fires near them. Further NE we lost a town
and the fires are still out of control. There are 50 fires
burning in Washington at this time. We have had NO rain until a 
quick drizzle last night here in my area. My heart goes out
 to all those families who lost their homes
 I also have all those wonderful fire fighters in my prayers.
I'll keep you posted.

On another note I started Mary Ann Moss's class
Sketchbookery. She is so entertaining and has me
laughing as I work. I am a little (lot) behind due to
gardening but have a whole year to catch up. So far this 
is what I've done.
This is the inside covers so far of the book I am making.

This is the covers.

Color charts for watercolor
Mixing color combinations 

Now I have to sew in the signatures (pages)
and I'll be ready to start the sketching.
If only the weeds would stop growing!
I hear them at night plotting their next growth spurt.
I do, really I do.

When I went to water my vegetable garden it was gone.
Oh the garden was there but the vegetables are now in the tummy
of a very large elk. I hope he enjoyed the green and yellow pepper,
carrots, lettuce. winter squash, and cucumbers. I see he left a 
radish or two. He could have taken a few weeds. Darn that gourmet beast.
Broke the fence too.
Now you know where  have been.LOL 


Sharon said...

love your book Sharon. that is awful about your garden.

Createology said...

So thankful to hear you are safe from the fires. You need a sign that says, "Don't Feed the Wildlife!" I have weeds just like yours...plotting and spurting. Love your beginning Sketchbookery. Mary Ann Moss is really fun. Creative Bliss Dear...

Snap said...

It's good that "someone" enjoyed your veggies ... too bad it wasn't a two-legged someone! You stay busy. Enjoy Mary Ann's class.


Debbie Nolan said...

Oh Sharon - my heart goes out to those who lost their homes. Will be keeping all of you there in my thoughts and prayers. Glad your friends are still safe.
Your art project looks wonderful - love your cover pages of the sketchbook too.
As for your garden - I am so sorry - not for the elk but for you. Is there a chance anything can be saved? Maybe you should let a few more weeds grow so you can
keep him away from those veggies (LOL)! Hugs

Vee said...

Oh those fires...Hope that the rain will put them out for good. Such devastation.

Oh I am feeling quite wrathy on your behalf with Mr. Elk. The nerve of him! Hope that you are able to save more than a radish!

Judy S. said...

That naughty elk ate the whole thing? And I thought our rabbits were bad! We flew over eastern WA last week and saw the huge clouds of smoke; what a tragedy for so many people!