Friday, May 29, 2015

Almost Finished..........

 Draw an interesting detail of a building. I was going to draw
the wood ceiling in my bedroom but laying on my back
that long didn't work. I just kept napping.
 I only have one key on my chain for the car.. I lost my keys
several years ago, leaving me with replacing all the locks on 
my doors of my house. All eight of them. :-( Never again.
I have always worn my fathers shirts when I paint. 
Now I'm down to the last one. 
 Last Saturday I  think this van had to be ahead of me
as I was trying to get to a class on time.
But I must say I had a good chuckle when I saw this 
on Facebook.
Draw something furry or fuzzy. No problem there....
Cooper has the wildest hair in the morning
 and I a;ways have to giggle when I see him.

We have tennis ball size bunnies and then there are the large ones
My oh my do we have bunnies.............
Yup! And it started in the middle of winter.....
What a mess but my son was johnny on the spot
to fix it. You should have seen my water bill.............
The pipe under ground actually broke too....................
I shall return with the final drawings soon.
Thanks for bearing with me through May!


Createology said...

I am boggled at how quickly this year is rushing along. To think May is over in just two days! Love your drawings...and the side-notes you add. No rain here. I had to hand water my roses today as they looked really sad and were dropping lots of leaves. Creative Bliss and Lovely Days Dear...

Laurie said...

It makes me want to see your house Sharon, the gardens, the archway, the faucet; meet your dogs and see your bunnies! I particularly like the one with the car, I swear those are the ones in front of me all the time when I'm in a hurry!