Friday, May 22, 2015

Crossed The Halfway Mark of EDM

 Max was just about to try this on, but I saved the day!!!
 How could they ask us to draw this.....cruel punishment
and NO I didn't run to the bakery for one, well not yet...
 Yes that's my wallet and the three cents I have in it.
 Many a good books have been read here with a puppy on
each side of me.
There is a great Russian history in Alaska. I saw some 
beautiful buildings with the onion dome. I found this 
sweet statue and have loved it ever since. My drawing
doesn't do it justice.

I'll be back with a few more days soon.
Pretty soon it will be over and my blogging might get back to normal.
Have a great weekend.
We are still waiting to go for that walk mom......


Anonymous said...

Three cents! Love it.
The boys look so much like my sweet baby dog I lost almost 19 years ago. His daddy was a Pekingese and mother was poodle/Pomeranian mix. So he was a Peek-A-Poo-Pom...... Miss him every day, as you do Teddy.

Loves from The Queen

susan said...

Hi Sharon, I just don't know how you do this - crank out one picture after another. And they're all wonderful!

Createology said...

Love your daily drawings of real life things. These are like memory photos...only better because you have hand drawn each one. Love the Russian statue story. Creative Bliss...

Laurie said...

I will always love your artwork Sharon, I've missed your blog!