Monday, May 18, 2015

Ever Onward with EDM

I sure do use these everyday.
This is a huge hand knit sweater, great for cold
weather and snowy days. I could give it away but
I won't.
Yummy and oh so easy to whip up.
Ha it really should be in feet where I live.
"Are you done mom.??? Can we go for a walk,NOW"
"Cuteness how can I say no."


Barbara Lilian said...

Loved seeing your EDM sketches. I Just didn't have the devoted time needed to join in. maybe next time. However I do get to see the lovely sketches from some of the ones who have joined in. How gorgeous your lovely little dogs are,

Createology said...

The boys are uber adorable. Love your daily sketches. Pear Walnut salad sounds so yummy, however pears have such a narrow window of just right ripe. Our rain gauge is empty as in dust only! Creative Bliss Dear...