Thursday, June 9, 2016

Where Did May Go................

 Wow we are into June already. My Dogwood is heavy with beautiful blooms.
At night they light up the  yard magically. 
 Over in Snoqualmie  the train running again on its summer
schedule and is fun to watch especially the children.
 I was asked to do some Fathers Day cards. Why I always 
equate fathers day and fish I don't know...but I like this fish 
as he is very colorful.
So I made some funny and some serious cards.
 I survived by the skin of my teeth finishing up
Every Day In May for the sixth year in a row.
I had so much going on this year it was hard to keep up.
But so worth it in the end. Can't wait for year seven for me.
The first year I made a case for my work and after that
the next five years were made into books.
I know, I know you've seen this before...
but I need a nap now!


Anonymous said...

The Queen likes your fish and also your collection of May daily art, how fun. The portrait of your son is beautiful! Hope the sweer pups are doing well.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Love bunny!! Great cards and what an accomplishment to finish so many "every day in May" projects. Your tree is glorious -this has been a super year for the dogwoods.

Createology said...

May did seem to disappear this year. May 9th is also my Granddaughter Amber's birthday. Love your Father's Day cards. Men, guys, boys always seem so difficult to create for however you and Donna of Brynwood Needleworks have them covered this year. June Bliss to you Dear...

susan said...

Love the portrait of your son and your beautiful father's day cards. You're so talented. How nice to have all of your "everyday in may" work made into books. Lovely to look back on. You're quite a busy lady!

Merry said...

I have just visited my blog and am wondering where June went. lol May was my last post. Love your dogwood it is just loaded with flowers. Do they have a scent? How much fun to have a steam train in town. Loving all your artwork, that is a very special one of your son. Hoping all is well.