Monday, December 29, 2008

Look what came in the mail

What a sweet surprise from Pat Winter today. A chubby envelope arrived filled with wonderful goodies. First a beautiful ciggie that Pat created. She has a wonderful process for making these elegant pieces. I treasure it, Pat. Then a wonderful packet of Snowman's Soup which was an idea of Maggie ( in Canada). Believe me the soup will be my evening treat. Thank you Pat for the beautiful card and goodies. You are so thoughtful. Our weather has really changed. It has gone from snow back to heavy rain. I still can't get my car out of our road (to low to the ground) so DH had to drive me into town to the PO where I finally mailed Christmas cards and a package to Canada. Once you are out of my road driving is a pc. of cake. Maybe tomorrow... I think I shall hide out in my studio today.


Pat Winter said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your surprise. Maggie sent me some snowman soup and I thought it was so cut I asked if I could share her idea. I enjoyed mine while soaking in a bubble bath :-)
Be careful on those roads!

Laurie said...

Snowman soup, I love it! But what is a ciggie?

Sharon said...

Pat, I am heading for the bubbles. More great ideas from you.Gleefully, Sharon

Sharon said...

Laurie, A ciggie is an imprint on silk or satin. In the picture above you can see the old fashioned print of the lady. It is on satin. Ciggies are very much used in crazy quilting. Now I may have this wrong but I think in the old days they would put ciggies in cigarette boxes and the women would get them for sewing. Guess the guys got the cigarettes. Now if I have this wrong someone out there feel free to correct me. Paleez! Anyway Pat has developed a way of transfering the images onto satin. They are really lovely. Hope this explains a ciggie. Tootles, Sharon

Laurie said...

Thanks Sharon for the explanation, I crazy quilt, but have never heard of ciggies! Go figure! What a beautiful idea, they are gorgeous.
BTW, I love your reply on the junk room, laughed til I cried!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun surprise!! iloved learning what a ciggie is!! I think taht hunkering down in your studio in weather liek you are having, is a terrific idea- especailly with the snow man soup!!