Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The mystery solved

Every year I hang a large wreath on our front door. Well this year every time I would go out the front door I would find bits and pieces of the wreath had fallen off. I would mutter to myself about the quality of workmanship seems to be going down the drain, etc,etc.... thinking next year I will be back to making them myself.
Then I noticed an Asian pine I keep in a pot by the front door had some tiny broken branches. AND some of the pine cones from the wreath were tucked into the pot and had little chew marks. Mmmmmmm?
So I decided to pour a cup of tea, sit in my office and watch. The sun was rising on the scene and soon the culprit arrived. He was quite busy for a good half hour, scurrying from the wreath to the Asian tree. Resting between hauls, I might add. Then he saw me and acted quite innocent to say the least. It was Chester ...
our resident squirrel, who normally is very well behaved. I do think the snow has got to him. He normally hangs out by my studio and the bird feeders, being very acrobatic and hilariously entertaining. But today was different. He won my heart over so I painted a pine cone with peanut butter and rolled it in sunflower seeds for him. He was most thankful. As I went back into the house I muttered my apologies to the wreath maker and made a mental note to get Chester his own wreath next year. The little angel. Mmmm.......LOL! I need a nap...........................


Laurie said...

Oh Sharon, you just warmed my heart! What a cutie, we don't have squirrels within a half mile radius of our house, and I truly miss their antics! Chester is adorable, he and you really made me smile!

Elizabeth said...

How adorable!! Both you and Chester!!!Taking such delight in little things like this is so very important!! Happy New Year to you and yours Sharon and thank you for all of the wonderful blog posts that you ahve shared with us in 2008!! I look forward to many more in 09!!

Sharon said...

Thank you ladies. In a n update or news flash Chester has returned and is holding my wreath ( or parts of it) for ransom. More peanut butter and sunflower seeds are on the way......LOL

Pat Winter said...

Oh that little Chester!!! He is too cute to be angry with :-)

Christine said...

Sharon, I've always been fascinated by squirrels, nothing like them in Oz. He's very lucky to have such a giving neighbour as you, peanut butter and sesame seeds sounds delicious ! Does he live alone or have a whole family to feed I wonder?

Sharon said...

I do believe Chester has a lady friend as I saw him making a nest last Sept. There was another squirrel giving directions. Had to be a lady. RIGHT. So I am sure he has a family other than me.

Anonymous said...

Chester's a cutie, Sharon! We used to have one who actually climbed up the cedar shake siding on one of our houses to eat the Indian corn in the fall!

Thanks for stopping by my blog for the chickadee give-away! Consider yourself entered! Hope you'll post about it here. :-)

Your little embroideries are lovely! So delicate.