Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's hot and still no rain..................

This Spring I found these wonderful
bulbs , I had never seen before. So I
bought and planted all 100 of them.
Some in pots
with red petunias and blue lobelia at their base.
Here is a close up of these wonderful little bulbs.
They are called Acidanthera. This one is Murielae. They have performed 
beautifully in this heat and no rain to speak of. The ones in 
the garden bed were nibbled on by bunnies , with a little help from
 and his girlfriend
It has been fun watching this courtship.
They come almost every night and I
really love them, even when they eat my flowers.
I am hoping for rain we need it so badly and my 
prayers are with the fire fighters.
You know we need rain when you see bunnies running
through the sprinklers.


Createology said...

Lovely flowers. Dry and HOT and Fires all over is beyond scarey! Enjoy your sweet flora and fauna. Praying and thanking all firefighters everywhere! Stay Safe and Hydrated Dear...

Laurie said...

Sharon the flowers are so pretty. I wonder if that would grow in our zone. I pray you have rain soon, our drought ended this evening with super storms, and will be storming all night. My prayers also for the fire fighters, and all the little critters and families that are affected.

Sharon Chapman said...

Laurie according to the package yes you can. Planting time is April - June for your area.

Sharon Chapman said...
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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

No rain here either - but then we are close to you so of course no rain. We had a nice rain of about an inch last week - but that was quickly soaked up. We have been to Guemes Island and Lummi Island recently and they are so parched and dry - it is sad to see. We just hope the fires are contained - and no new ones get started.

Your flowers are lovely - I've never seen the white ones.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sharon:
I'll pray for rain for you, too. I wish I could send some your way. It's rained here every day for the past 10 days. Our front yard has "ponds" that are filled with singing frogs. They really add colorful "noise" to our evenings.

Your garden, and the visitors who stop by every night, are beautiful. Thank you for sharing photos of them.

I'll keep you in my thoughts, my dear.

Barbara Lilian said...

Such a pretty flower, it was agodd job you planted 100. with those rabbits and deer about eating your flowers. I hope you have some rain soon. We have had no rain for almost 3 mths. so our garden is very dry, but no fires around where we live thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon, here in France weather is the same. So hot and no rain. The trees are loosing their leaves and the flowers are burning....... And we are sooooooooo lazy. Bon courage

Anonymous said...

Love those flowers! I'm surprised you have any plants with all the deer and bunnies. They have eaten everything in my friend's yard.
Loves from The Queen

Naturegrl (Diana) said...

Your story is just like here, right down to the deer! Are you like me and sort of wishing August away? I look forward to summer being over and hopefully a nice cool, rainy autumn!

Sharon Chapman said...

Just heard a weather forecast,............. little to no rain through October. So hope they are wrong.

susan said...

Beautiful flowers and I love that you can watch the deer from your winnow. They just built a house across the street from us and it has limited our deer watching. I feel bad that we're stealing all their space.
I'm hoping for a thoroughly drenching rain for you.

Sharon Chapman said...

Hi Susan, I have 8 plus acres and built my home right in the middle. Lots of birds,elk, deer,bobcat, and an occasional bear or cougar visit. Not real happy with the last two but have learned to deal with it. Love all the different birds. Oh and did I mention the rabbits. Tons of them this summer and so much fun to watch.

Merry said...

100 bulbs wow….but they are such pretty flowers. What beautiful visitors you have at your place too. Love seeing these photos. I hope that rain is on your horizon.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Your deer already has a rack. Wow!
Love the flowrrs. You have a lovely yard.
Way too many fires this year. Very scary.